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※ HV variable-frequency soft starters for blast furnace blowers of an iron and steel group in Shanxi

With the development of national economy, many industries have witnessed growth in production scale. The capacity of HV motors used in such industries is increasing. Direct starting of HV AC high power motors causes lots of harm. For instance, it decreases power grid voltage, hinder normal operation of other equipment in the same grid. In addition, it causes mechanical impact upon motors and the equipment attached to them, thus accelerating aging of motors and damaging of equipment. Therefore,people have paid more and more attention to the starting of AC high power motors.

The motor power of the blast furnace blowers used by an iron and steel group in Shaanxi are 27000kW and 32000kW respectively. Honeywell provided a 11000kW HV variable-frequency soft starter to solve the starting problem of motors. Compared with conventional soft starting modes, SolidDrive has such advantages as small volume, light weight, high starting repeatability, easy maintenance and less system loss. In addition, it can keep a very high starting torque while restricting the current, thus really achieving a smooth starting process. With unique multi-unit tandem structure, it can meet the requirements for harmonic distortion in IEEE 519-1992 and GB/T14549-93 in a desired manner. No extra configuration of filter is required.

SolidDrive is the soft starter with the best technical indicators. Undoubtedly, it will become the best choice for users to solve the starting problem of HV AC high power motors under the rapid growth of industrial production.

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