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※ >HV variable-frequency speed drives for the circulating fans of a 5000T/D cement plant in Jiangsu

The dust emissions caused by cement production account for over 70% of the total emissions around China. According to incomplete statistics, the Chinese cement industry emits more than 13 million tons of dust and soot into the atmosphere each year. The pollution resulted from hazardous gases including carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, oxynitride and fluoride also accounts for a considerable proportion, and the atmospheric pollution is getting serious. Meanwhile, the harsh production environment also can test the quality of electric and electronic equipment.

Honeywell HV variable-frequency speed drive adopt unique dust-proof design. The enclosed control cabinet makes the control system fully isolated from the outside. The highly integrated control board reduces the unstable factor that plug components are easy to be contaminated. High power equipment adopts airtight water-cooled radiation. We can ensure reliability and stability for users’ production by adopting these measures. The energy efficiency brought by the variable-frequency devices can bring considerable economic benefits to customers.

We provide several equipment for each production line of a cement plant in Jiangsu, with power ranging from 355kW to 4600kW, covering various loads such as high temperature fans, circulating fans, and kiln head fans.

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