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※ HV variable-frequency speed drives for belt conveyors of a coal mine in Shaanxi

Belt conveyors are the most ideal continuous conveying equipment with high efficiency. Compared with other conveying equipment (e.g. locomotive), it boasts the advantages of long conveying distance, high conveying volume and continuous conveyance etc. Moreover, it is easy to realize automated and centralized control due to its reliable operation. Especially for the mines with high production capacity and efficiency, belt conveyors have become key equipment for mechatronic integration system of coal mining.

Compared with conventional mechanical speed drives, the special-purpose Honeywell HV variable-frequency speed drives for belt conveyors provided to the company boasts high control precision, wide speed regulating scope and outstanding starting performance. Significant benefits are achieved in aspects of energy conservation, improvement in product quality and reduction of maintenance load.

(1)Power cell series multi-level voltage-source structure

(2)Direct HV output, requiring no step-up transformer

(3)Adopting vector control, capable of starting under 1.5x or heavier load

(4)Optical fiber communications, realizing revolving speed synchronization and power balance among many drive motors

(5)Capable of operating under load at any speed ranging from 10% to 100%, and realizing function of low-speed belt verification.

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