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HV variable frequency speed drives are applied to the booster fans of Hubei 600MW thermal power plant. The booster fans (also known as desulfurizing fans) are the main equipment used to overcome the flue gas resistance of FGD (flue gas desulfurization) devices so as to guide the original flue gas into the desulfurization system and stabilize the outlet pressure of the boiler’s draught fan. Under the circumstance of adding the desulfurizing device, the boiler’s blower and draught fan cannot overcome the flue gas resistance of FGD, so it is required to set a booster fan upon adding the FGD device to the boiler. It boasts the following advantages: low pressure head, high flow rate, slow revolving speed and high power. The plant configured a HV variable-frequency speed drives of Honeywell for the two 3400kW/6kV booster fans respectively. With a rated output voltage of 0~6kV and rated output current of 450A, the whole drive adopts efficient air-cooled radiation. Since they were put into operation, both of them have been running in good condition. The electricity-saving efficiency is more than 30% according to the estimation of customers.

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