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※ Shanghai Rail Transit Line 11 Southern Section and Northern Section (Phase 2) as well as the Extended Section

Rail transit, the metro power supply system in particular, has a very strict requirement for the reliability of power supply. Harmonic wave is the main cause affecting power supply reliability. The use of APF can effectively control harmonic wave, minimize the damage caused by harmonic wave upon power supply system, thus ensuring safe stable operation of rail transit.

Harmonic waves of rail transit mainly result from rectifiers, inverters for traction power supply of trains as well as DC complete equipment and other electronic devices. More specifically, air conditioners, water pumps, fans, elevators, computer room network equipment, UPS, light control system, fire control system, monitoring system and other power and electronic equipment are distributed at the application site of entire rail transit system. The 11th and 13th harmonic waves account for the majority. Harmonic waves consume inactive reserves in the system, increase line losses, affect reliable operation of relay protection and automatic control devices, and reduce operation safety of electrical equipment, thus causing electromagnetic interference to communications and signals. Harmonic waves also cause destructive impact upon other inactive compensation devices in the lines, which in reverse will reinforce harmonic waves. Thus, a vicious circle is formed.

Honeywell active power filters provide altogether 94 APFs for the project of Shanghai Rail Transit Line 11 Southern Section and Northern Section (Phase 2) as well as the Extended Section, with total power filtering capacity of approximately 18000A.

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