SolidDrive series

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Overview of SolidDrive series


Honeywell SolidDrive series Medium voltage VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) with 32-bit DSP uses the sensorless vector control technology.

SolidDrive series Medium voltage VFD chooses Cell Series Multi-level PWM IGBT drive technology. An H class multi-secondary winding transformer is used in the input side to eliminate harmonics. The input wave of the drive meets IEEE-519-1992 and related codes for the voltage and current harmonic distortion. The output section uses Multi-level PWM, with few harmonic, low common-mode voltage and dv/dt . SolidDrive is suitable for standard 3-phase induction motors and synchronous motors.

SolidDrive series Medium voltage VFD is more efficient and reliable due to a number of patented technologies introduced. And we have the test capability (up to 20MW) to fully test each SolideDrive before shipping to prove performance and ensure problem free on sit

  • 【Eliminate input filter】Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) meets IEEE519-1992, no input harmonic filter required.
  • 【No power factor compensation equipment required】 Input power factor >0.95.No reactive power compensation required
  • 【No output filter required】 Voltage: VTHD<2% (below 20th), dv/dt<1000V/us Current: CTHD<2.5%, DC factor <1% Output put filter is not required, be able to drive standard induction motor without derating.
  • 【Sensorless vector control】 Speed range: 100:1, Static speed accuracy: 0.5%, Starting torque: 150% (Open loop).
  • 【Close loop vector control】 Speed range: 1000:1, Static speed accuracy: 0.1%, Starting torque: 150% (Close loop).
  • 【High efficiency】 VFD efficiency ≥98.5%, total drive system efficiency (VFD & transformer)≥97%
  • 【High reliability and availability throughout life time】 MTBF (Mean Time between Failures) > 100,000 hours; MTTR (Mean Time to Repair) < 10mins

SolidDrive uses cell series multi-level technology. It directly connects the high-voltage and does not need output transformer. SolidDrive consists of three sections: isolation transformer section, power cells section and the control section.

3 kV

3kV series includes 9 power cells, 3 per phase.

6 kV

6kV series includes 15 power cells, 5 per phase.


6.6kV series includes 18 power cells, 6 per phase.

1 0 kV

10kV series includes 24 power cells, 8 per phase.

The Power Cell is 3 phase input and 1 phase output, AC-DC-AC structure. AC voltage from the transformer secondary winding pass through the power cells input fuses to 3-phase diode rectifier, and with capacitance filter to become smooth DC voltage, then the DC voltage feeds a single-phase H-bridge circuit with 4 IGBT and becomes single-phase AC output with variable voltage and variable frequency.

The power cell’s control board is multi-functional, including complete protection and optimized IGBT drive circuit. Each power cell has the same mechanical and electrical structure,and can be exchanged with each other..

SolidDrive series need the fewest power cells in the same power VFDs because of higher-voltage degree IGBT used. And this reduces the quantity of components and enhances the reliability.

Benefit from the power cell auto bypass technology, the failure of any power device (diode, IGBT, etc.) or control device will not result in a process trip and allow for continued operation of VFD system.


At the input side, the power cells are supplied power by phase-shifting transformer whose secondary windings are multiple structure and their electric angles are staggered, which can eliminate most of the harmonic currents drawn by the individualpower cells. 3kV, 6kV, 6.6kV, 10kV output series choose 18, 30, 36 and 48 pulses rectifier respectively and the input harmonic current is very low,which meets the most stringent IEEE-519-1992 and GB/T14549-93 requirements for the voltage and current harmonic distortion without filter .

The isolation transformer ensures the lower common mode voltage and no damage to motor insulation.


Each power cell’s output terminals connected in series to form Y connection to supply the motor directly. Drives can provide a sinusoidal output waveform because each power cell chooses multilevel PWM technology. In addition, there is no need for derating. In fact, drives eliminate harmful VFD-induced harmonics which cause motor heating. Similarly VFD-induced torque pulsations are eliminated (even at low speeds), thereby reducing the stress on mechanical equipments. Common mode voltage stress and dv/dt stress are also minimized. Drives need no filter and can be suitable for normal motor, include existing motor without derating. The cable length can be up to 12km with no restriction, which is especially suitable for some special applications, such as electric submersible pumps and etc.

SolidDrive series VFD’s controller includes 32-bit DSP, ASIC, HMI and PLC. DSP is in charge of the operation of sensorless vector control technology; ASIC is in charge of the control of multi-level PWM technology; Graphic HMI is in charge of the human and machine interface, supporting English and Chinese; PLC inside is in charge of the logic control.

The fiber optic communication is used, which make completed isolation in electrics between the control section and the high-voltage section. The total system has the best performance of safety and reliability.

Single phase 220V control power is redundant design, and no UPS required, which make sure the driver keep running with control power’s fluctuation or losing .

Sensorless vector control

SolidDrive is based on sensorless vector control technology, which can improve the drive performance, and suitable for the applications such as large start-up torque, high speed precision and high dynamic performance without adding hardware components. Drive has torque-limited function for trip free operation, auto-reset function for dedicated faults and “Spinning Load Restart” function. Even for the fan, pump, or lower dynamic load requirements, sensorless vector control could efficiently prevent the motor from over-current and over-voltage tripping during the acceleration and deceleration procedure with inherent functions.

SolidDrive medium voltage drive has a user-friendly interface.

The control panel installed at the front-door has remote/local switch, start/stop switch, and emergency stop button. Besides,there are indicate lights for statuses of power on, running, alarm and fault.

Touch screen HMI supports both Chinese and English language.Through the touch screen operators can operate the equipment,check system status and record events etc..

24h field service

After equipment failure, we will respond to the request of customers within 24 hours, and our well-trained engineers will protect customers from worries.

Assessment of energy conservation benefits

Our professional engineers will diagnose the operation of motors and provide energy conservation calculation report and analysis of return on investment for reference of customers.

Pre-sale technical support

We offer technical proposals for projects including equipment form, system single-line diagram, outline dimensions, and civil engineering material, etc.


We provide all-round training regarding the running, operation, and maintenance of equipment for users’ engineers and field personnel after the equipment commissioning.

Spare parts and after-sales service

Sufficient spare parts ensure that all equipment pieces can run normally within their service life.

Product upgrading

We provide product upgrading service to ensure that users can share the latest technological achievements.

Preventive maintenance

We may provide preventive maintenance service for products exceeding the warranty period, and professional engineers may provide maintenance and servicing for equipment on a regular basis so as to ensure that the equipment can run reliably and reduce the maintenance cost of users.

The type selection of SolidDriVe MV variable-frequency speed drive requires the following parameters. When you need to order any products, please specify the following specifications and contact the distributor.

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